Tiff Hudson is the answer to the question “What do you get when you cross an Ohio-born artist with a South Carolinian Episcopal priest?” While formally trained in Computer Science, he received his real-world mechanical training as a laborer in a golf putter factory. The experience was … broadening. Tiff was one of the few employees who didn’t start with the company on “work release”.

For years he made little toys and things for friends just for the fun of it. More recently, he has started making and selling in small production runs. Everything is still hand-made. All machining is done by hand, not by CNC.

Other media and hobbies include acrylic paint, ceramics, wood and brass, resin castings, drawing, bookbinding, liqueur-mixing, graphical data presentation, knife-sharpening, cosplay prop-making, and gingerbread replicas of local Victorian homes.

His younger son produced the most apt and succinct description of him – “My dad’s hobby is having hobbies.”

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